10 observations from the Toronto Marlies’ 2022-23 regular season

The Toronto Marlies have had a remarkable season — up until now — leading the AHL’s North Division for most of the year. But what is underneath all of that?
Throughout the entire season, I’ve jotted down observations of what I’ve learned from each player — good or bad. As they approach the playoffs — searching for the team they once were this season — it’s worth discussing what each player has done to help get them to where they are.
So, here are 10 observations from the Marlies’ 2022-23 regular season that I’d like to share with you.
1. Joseph Woll is an NHL goaltender
There is likely no better story than seeing Woll succeed at the AHL level with the Marlies this season. 12-straight wins to begin the year — after recovering from both a shoulder and ankle injury — catapulted him to new heights.
Although the 24-year-old had a successful NHL campaign with the Maple Leafs last season, Woll followed it up with something even better. Seven games, five wins, and a .932 save percentage — an incredible start to what could be a full-time NHL career in the near future.
It’s very early, but I’ll say right now that he’ll be the Maple Leafs’ backup next season.
2. William Villeneu …

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Author: Nick Barden / The Leafs Nation

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