20 Things: Nobody wants to watch a loser

Welcome to Blue Jays Nation’s Season In Review. Instead of doing boring-ass, standard player-by-player reviews or handing out some arbitrary report cards, I’m going to talk about 20 things that are on my mind heading into 2020. Today, we have the attendance issue. 

Major League Baseball is struggling with an attendance epidemic and the Toronto Blue Jays are right in the middle of it.
For the second-consecutive season, the Blue Jays saw the biggest decline in average attendance in baseball. In 2017, the Jays averaged 39,554 fans per game. In 2018, that average dipped down to 29,066 fans per game. In 2019, it dropped again, this time, all the way down to 21,683 fans per game. Over the course of two years, the Jays saw their average fan turnout nearly cut in half.
This is a pattern we’re seeing all around baseball. According to Eric Fisher of Sports Business, MLB had its worst total attendance figure in 16 seasons. The total attendance for 2019 was 68.5 million, which represented a steep 1.7 percent decline from 2018. It also represented the sixth time in seven seasons that MLB saw a decline in attendance from the previous year.
While many people in decision-making positions are stressed out about things like the pace …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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