20 Things: The love for Derek Fisher, the forgotten Anthony Alford, and the Blue Jays’ gaping hole in centre field

Welcome to Blue Jays Nation’s Season In Review. Instead of doing boring-ass, standard player-by-player reviews or handing out some arbitrary report cards, I’m going to talk about 20 things that are on my mind heading into 2020. Today, we have Derek Fisher and Anthony Alford and whether one of them can take an opportunity and run with it. 

When Derek Fisher became a Blue Jay, there was virtually zero fanfare attached to the acquisition.
The only ones excited by the addition, it seemed, were members of the front office. Ross Atkins came out and publicly talked about how thrilled the brass was to acquire Fisher, a unique player who featured a blend of plus speed, great power, an elite eye, and fair defence. Unfortunately, Fisher looked, uh, nothing like the player Atkins had raved about.

Meanwhile, Aaron Sanchez and Joe Biagini, two of the three players heading back to the Astros in the deal (along with interesting prospect Cal Stevenson) combined to throw a no-hitter just days after the trade was made. The immediate optics of the trade really couldn’t have been worse for the Blue Jays.
So, right off the hop, you have a …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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