2019 Leafs Prospect Rankings: Explaining the Tiers

The moment is finally here, folks. Welcome to The Leafs Nation‘s 2019 Toronto Maple Leafs prospect rankings!
As we announced last week to uproarious (read: non-existent) fanfare, TLN has decided to change up the way we roll out our rankings in 2019, adopting a more streamlined “tier by tier” approach for this edition instead of the typical “#1-20” format from years past.
Why? Well, because we can. You’re not God, or our fathers…or our boss.
If you’re really curious, you can read all about why we shook things up here.
So, before we officially get down to business tomorrow, it seemed important to give you all the cliff notes on what the tiers actually are and what each specific one means.
Be sure to take notes, kids. This will all be on the final exam:
Tier #1: The Impact Players – Prospects who the TLN staff fully expect, if all goes according to plan, to one day make the cut and become contributors in the NHL of average to significant impact. They’re more or less “locks”, if you will. The set-it- and forget-it kids. As for whether any of these fellas will become superstars one day? That is yet …

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Author: Mike Stephens / The Leafs Nation

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