2019 Leafs Prospect Rankings — The Fence Sitters: Dmytro Timashov

Position: LW
Age: 22 (will be 23 on Oct. 1)
Physical: Height: 5’10” / 178 cm, Weight: 192 lbs / 87 kg
TLN Top-20 Ranking From Last Year: 7
Draft Information: 2015 5th round, 125th overall
Dmytro Timashov is part of the embodiment of a new era in Toronto Maple Leafs hockey. The 2015 draft that he came from was the first one where the Leafs really started to take bigger gamble on the skill level of players, and focus more on their ceiling as compared to their size and if they can “handle the NHL game”.
While many have praised that draft to be a great one, we are now four years later and have really only seen Mitch Marner and Travis Dermott see any NHL time out of that group, and only Timashov, Jeremy Bracco, and Jesper Lindgren remain in the Leafs system. While it still looks better than the 2016 and 2017 drafts, it’s far from the prospect overhaul we once thought.
Almost at the age of 23, this season is a crucial one for Timashov, as his time to develop is running out, and his body of work to this point shows there’s still a chance, but the odds are not in his favour.
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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation

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