2019 Leafs Prospect Rankings – The Fence Sitters: Jesper Lindgren

I feel like we’re getting very close to the end of where we have to annually write about “Leafs prospect Jesper Lindgren.” I think I said that last year too, and writing about him always feels like drawing the short straw. It feels like he’s been a part of the organization a lot longer than 2015 and my brain keeps associating him with being a Burke or Nonis pick. That being said, here’s the same Jesper Lindgren scouting report you’ve been reading every year. If you want to skip it, assume I just said we’ll see what he does in North America before deciding what he is, and then hope we have a more interesting prospect tomorrow, no one will blame you. If you want to trust that last season was a special one for Lindgren (it kinda was) then you can keep on reading.
Position: RDTLN Ranking from 2018: 16thDrafted: 2015 4th round (95th overall) 
Why is Lindgren in this tier?
The most obvious reason is that at no point over his time as a Leafs prospect has he been particularly bad. There’s just the opposing issue of that fact that he hasn’t stood out …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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