2019 NHL Draft Recap: Nick Robertson is a first round talent that happened to be available in the second round

This is my second of six 2019 NHL Draft Recap articles, in which I do a deep dive into every Maple Leafs selection from the 2019 NHL Entry Draft.
I’m a big fan of Nick Robertson’s game.
In my 2019 NHL Draft rankings, I had Robertson ranked 26th overall. I considered him to be a first-round calibre prospect for a number of reasons. In this article, I’ll be breaking down why I love Robertson’s game such much, and what I think he could become for the Leafs in the future.
Scouting Report
With the puck on his stick, Nick Robertson grabs your attention. He is highly skilled, extremely deceptive, and very smart.
Robertson sees the ice tremendously well, and he can complete highly difficult passes on both his forehand and his backhand. He is a very deceptive passer, one who throws in no-look, fake-shot, and spin-o-rama passes. Robertson is also great at delaying his pass, holding onto the puck for an extra half second or two to really throw defenders off guard. His deception as a passer creates lanes for him to exploit, and it is part of what makes Robertson such a great playmaker.  
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Author: 51Leafs / The Leafs Nation

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