5 Mitch Marner Trades I’m Sure Everyone Will Approve Of*

Earlier this week Kyle Dubas stated that trading Marner isn’t something the team is exploring. That’s probably a good thing since no matter what he costs, Marner is pretty hard to replace, and it seems unlikely that a team is willing to drop its best assets and then pay out another $9M+ of salary to boot. The deals for Marner probably aren’t too far off of what the Leafs gave up for Jake Muzzin. A good prospect, a first, and a solid young player ready to play now. You can probably throw a 4th piece in there for Mitch, but they would probably have some salary attached to them.
Anyways, for the most part those of us who have been in the Trade Mitch Camp have been lying to ourselves, and the deals out there aren’t worth taking. That’s why I’m going to explore 5 trade ideas that seem absolutely bullet proof. These trade ideas are 100% grounded in reality and 100% consider what is right for the other team as well. You should take these proposals very seriously. I did. That’s why I emailed them to Kyle Dubas.
1. More Local Boys
One of the biggest …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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