5 Players I want the Leafs to trade for despite them not actually needing

It’s a long march to the trade deadline and frankly I’m a little annoyed at Kyle Dubas and the other GMs for not giving us at least a little taste of something in the past few weeks. January 2nd was the last time we saw NHL roster players moved in deals that have equally done nothing to improve the situation for any of Calgary, Buffalo, or Montreal, but that’s not really where our focus should be. I’m sure those trades will work out for everyone and more trades should happen.
Anyways. As I sit around my office, a little bored and wishing for something to happen to help pass the time, I’ve come up with my list of five players I would like the Leafs to target in trade, despite not really needing them, or really being able to use them season.
1. Julius Honka
Aw, Julius Honka. We will never forget how you were taken 14th overall over five years ago and despite not sticking in the NHL, your promise of being an offensively gifted defenseman still lingers with many of us today. My desire to believe that Julius Honka …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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