A Fortnight (More or Less) on the Farm Vol. 1

Between quirks of scheduling and adverse weather, the one thing we don’t have to begin the year in the Blue Jays’ minor league system is a consistent sample size.

Buffalo was scheduled to start a week before the other teams but they’ve also had to play three doubleheaders already because they’ve faced four postponements. Still, they’ve played 20 games so far. Both New Hampshire and Dunedin have played 15 games, the full schedule to this point (two weeks plus an opening weekend three-gamer). Meanwhile the Canadians, again, thanks to the weather, have only managed to get in 11 games.
Obviously, as I repeat every spring, these samples are FAR too low to draw any real conclusions about anything. The most we can do is note the progress of already identified prospects, tip our hat to the “non-prospects” (according to respected observers) who have started hot, and comment on anything that’s extraordinary regardless of the sample. So let’s take a look.
Triple-A Buffalo
The story above all others for this pitching staff is Big Nate Pearson. While Pearson has, on some lists, lost his “prospect” status due to days in the majors, for the purpose of these revi …

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Author: Tammy Rainey / Blue Jays Nation

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