A Look at the first 4 games of Rasmus Sandin

Thursday night marks crossing the halfway point of Rasmus Sandin’s nine game tryout before his entry level contract no longer slides. Normally I’d say that burning a year of an entry level contract isn’t a big deal, but I think it’s important we reflect on just how terrible Kyle Dubas is at contract negotiations and what rushing that year will look like.
What we know so far is that Rasmus Sandin has been a perfectly serviceable bottom pairing defender in the NHL, and what we have to ask ourselves is that enough to keep him around. Before you all answer, yes, he should be kept around it’s important to consider that with the return of Travis Dermott, Rasmus Sandin will be in an entirely new dynamic. He won’t be the 5th defenseman, with platooning partners. He will be the 6th defenseman and possibly be platooning himself. There’s also the chance that he’ll be moved from the left side of the ice over to the right, and that could impact the numbers we’ve seen from him so far.
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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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