A second Toronto NHL team, while great in theory, will never happen

Feeling particularly frustrated with the Leafs and their sluggish start? Well, you could be in luck. There are plans, yet again, to bring a second NHL team to Toronto.

According to a report from Lindsey Dun of CityNews Toronto, Legacy Sports and Entertainment has a plan to build a $5 billion, privately funded 25-million seat venue near the Sheppard-Yonge subway stop with the goal of luring a second NHL team to the Greater Toronto Area. The plan is to build the world’s largest hockey arena and a non-profit museum surrounded by new residential buildings. Beyond housing an NHL team, the group plans to use $1 from every ticket sale would go towards the salaries of a proposed women’s professional hockey league.
The group has not yet formally made a proposition to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and they haven’t met with the City of Toronto. The plan is to submit their proposal this week. According to the group, the land developers are already ready to pay for the land as early as this upcoming Friday. So even without the arena approved and any thumbs up in regards to a possible expansion franchise, the group plans to go ahead with purchasing …

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Author: Cam Lewis / The Leafs Nation

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