A senior MLB executive said he expects other teams will use the Rogers drama against the Blue Jays in free agency

The Rogers drama took an even weirder turn over the weekend.

For those who haven’t been paying attention, the long story short here is that Ed Rogers, the son of Ted Rogers, was pushed out of his role as the chairman of the company after he tried to boot Joe Natale, the company’s CEO, and replace him with Tony Staffieri, who was the company’s CFO at the time.
While Ed was removed as the chair of Rogers Communications, he’s still the chair of Rogers Control Trust, which ultimately controls the majority of voting shares within Rogers Communications. On Sunday, Ed used his position atop the Control Trust to hold a board meeting with his hand-picked directors in which he was apparently reinstated as the chair of Rogers Communications.
Here’s what his sister, Martha Rogers, had to say about it…

Enjoy your pretend “board meeting”, Ed. Here’s your problem: it’s not legal, so I’m going to fight like hell for the 24,000 employees, 10M+ customers & fans. No compromises, and this time the good guys will win. #OldGuardDown
— Martha Rogers (@MarthaLRogers) October 24, 2021

Ed will lose. His play date tonight with the Old Guard is …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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