Aaron Sanchez just had one of the worst months in Blue Jays history

2019 has been bad for the Blue Jays on the whole, but at least there have been some pockets of optimism within their dark and dreary first half.
In the case of Aaron Sanchez, it’s been mostly bad. The fact that he’s been mostly healthy this year is a positive, but at age 26, Sanchez has taken a step back in his development. A month ago, it seemed like he was turning the corner on his season; instead, it veered 90 degrees into an oak tree by the side of the road.
While his rotation counterpart Marcus Stroman was just named to the American League All-Star team and remains one of the most coveted arms on the trade market, Sanchez has next to no trade value and he’s nearly three years removed from his breakout campaign in 2016.
If you thought Sanchez’ 2019 thus far has been bad, you’d be right. With his laundry list of injuries over the last few years, the fact that he’s made 17 starts this season is somewhat of an accomplishment. But how sad is it that the bar has been lowered that far where “at least he’s healthy” is viewed as a win for …

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Author: Ian Hunter / Blue Jays Nation

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