Absolutely, The Leafs Madness: The Darkest Timeline Region

Welcome to day two of voting. The play-ins are done, you can find the results below, and we’re now onto our first region, that fun time known as the Ballard era. For our purposes, we’ll just call it The Darkest Timeline Region. There are some truly great Leafs in this region, and a lot of years of their prime wasted.
#1 Darryl Sittler vs. #16 Vincent Damphousse
Let’s start by saying that Damphousse had a great career, and started it off with some solid years with the Leafs. If he wasn’t dealt to kick start the Fletcher era we’d probably think a lot more fondly of him rather than struggling to think of him at all.
Darryl Sittler on the other hand was the beacon of hope during the 70s, and made it seem like winning in the Ballard era was possible. His long held title as the all-time scoring Leaf, and his unbreakable 10 point in a game record probably put him in consideration for being in the Final Four.

The Darkest Timeline
— The Leafs Nation (@TLNdc) March 18, 2020
#8 Ian Turnbull vs. #9 Ron Ellis
Turnbull had a shorter career than he …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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