According to Elliotte Friedman the Canes are shopping Jake Gardiner. Should the Leafs be interested?

I am 100% here for how angry that headline makes you all. It fuels me. I’m wrapping myself up in your anger and drinking warm cocoa thinking of the responses this will receive. Thank you for this.
Anyways, let’s loop back around to Elliotte Friedman stating on his 31 Thoughts podcast that the Canes are shopping Jake Gardiner. I will say this here and now, and underline in bold, so there’s no confusion about it… Friedman didn’t say the Leafs are looking at Gardiner, that speculation is my own. The fact that Gardiner is available and had some success in Toronto is what has me connecting the dots back to Toronto with him.
Now, I’m also going to take the time acknowledge some truths about Jake Gardiner…
Many of you don’t like him because he does somethings in his own zone that offend your eyes. This is a valid concern. Jake Gardiner can be better defensively and his greatest strength comes from when the Leafs have the puck, which he helps them do more often. I understand that there are few things more bothersome than watching Jake …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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