Agents love Dubas, think there won’t be a lockout, & other takeaways from the PuckPedia Agents Poll

Recently PuckPedia, a tremendous resource for salary cap and CBA information, published an Agent Poll.
They canvassed 25 National Hockey League agents, on an array of questions centered around the CBA. Agents have a unique perspective on the issues that concern NHL players, so they have good insight on what players would most like to see changed.
I’m going to add my thoughts on the matter, but I encourage you to read the full poll linked above.
Minimum Age
One question was regarding what age players should be drafted, and another about when they should be represented by an agent. Unsurprisingly the majority of votes were to keep things the same.
Thinking about Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews, they could have played in the NHL a year earlier. McDavid had a higher points per game in the OHL than anyone had in 20 years prior. Matthews was 2nd in the NLA in points per game, easily outpacing guys like Damien Brunner who were fresh out of the NHL. Some people may have an appetite for an NHL version of ‘exceptional status’ but for the overwhelming majority of players, they’re not ready before 18. In my opinion it …

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Author: Earl Schwartz / The Leafs Nation

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