Alex Anthopoulos led the Braves to the World Series after becoming a very different general manager than the one he was in Toronto

Today is a strange day for Blue Jays fans.

The Atlanta Braves, a team that won 88 games and dropped all six of their meetings with the Blue Jays, just won the World Series.
There was most certainly a ‘that should be us’ feeling attached to watching this post-season as a handful of flawed, underwhelming teams competed while the Blue Jays watched from the sidelines because their late-season run came up just short.
But that’s not where the ‘what if?’ sentiment ends.
Alex Anthopoulos became the first Canadian general manager to guide a team to a World Series championship, adding fuel to the narrative that he’s the one who got away. While you want to be happy for AA, it’s difficult not to wonder what would have happened if he hadn’t been pushed out the door in Toronto.
That said, it’s possible to praise AA’s excellent work in Atlanta while also being happy about the incredibly promising position Blue Jays are in currently. These aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive things, especially when you consider that AA isn’t the same executive now that he was when he was here.

There has always been animosity towards …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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