Alex Kerfoot is not a salary dump, but a trade asset

It seems like the Leafs are going to go to great lengths to make sure that they can keep their whole lineup together and add still add at the deadline (or before) through waiting for their cap space to align perfectly, and deal prospects or picks to get what they want. If their trade partner is willing to retain 50% of the salary the Leafs are nearing the point where adding a player with a near $4M cap hit is possible. Still they may want to do more than that, go bigger than that, and in those situations salary will need to come off the roster and the most likely salary to be shipped out is Alex Kerfoot.
In the past the Leafs have always had a bad contract that they needed to dump, and with the exception of this last year of Frederik Andersen, that bad contract doesn’t really seem to exist on the Leafs, the problem is that of the non-core players there doesn’t really seem to be any significant salary attached to a player beyond the $3.5M attached to Alex Kerfoot.
Once you get past the fact that Alex Kerfoot is not Nazem Kadri, it becomes …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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