Alex Kerfoot is starting to become a trade candidate

Alex Kerfoot had an inconsistent first year as a Toronto Maple Leaf. Even he’s not afraid to admit that.
That said, he had big shoes to fill. Being part of the Nazem Kadri trade, he was replacing someone who had become rooted in what it meant to be a Maple Leaf, but also saw his recklessness cost the team – twice. While Kerfoot wasn’t the entire return for Kadri (Barrie was the key piece to this deal), he was the defacto replacement because he was slotted right into the third line centre spot.
Aside from just the expectations, a lot went against Kerfoot this season. He could never really find his place in the lineup, and was tossed around a lot (there was only one line he spent more than 70 minutes of ice time this season, he saw a lot of different linemates). That doesn’t really help you develop chemistry with a new team when you don’t really get a chance to play with anyone consistently. Between that plus his injury and suspension near the start of the year, it makes some sense that his season didn’t go as planned.

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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation

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