Alex Kerfoot’s contract is begging for him to be traded on July 1st

This is my 1,560th post on this site. A number I just looked up in order to say, of the 1,560th posts I’ve written for this site, there is a good chance a quarter of them are in some way either saying Alex Kerfoot should be traded, Alex Kerfoot will be traded, or saying that Alex Kerfoot has better trade value than he gets credited for. This is a post touching on all three of those things, and while the subject of Kerfoot comes up in every article discussing the salary cap, I feel that Kerfy deserves a standalone post to his commitment to improving the Leafs salary cap situation next year and why he should potentially bring in a solid return for the Leafs in a trade. I feel a lot of this is stating the obvious so, we’ll get right to it.
Alex Kerfoot’s signing bonus is the reason for this post
If you haven’t gone scrolling through the Leafs salary cap situation for next season yet, you might be the healthiest person of all of us. You’d also have missed out on how Alex Kerfoot’s contract works for his last year.
 Cap Hit
 Performance Bonuses
 Base Salary
 Signing Bonuses
 Total Salary
 Minors Salary
 M-NTC (10 team no trade list)
With $1,950,000M being paid to Alex Kerfoot on July 1st, that means any team that is acquiring Kerfoot is only paying him $750k next season. That’s a hell of a bargain for the most cash tight teams, and the fact that he eats up $3,500,000 o …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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