An exciting announcement from The Nation Network and how it affects the Leafs (coverage)

Good news everyone, especially those of you looking for even more Leafs coverage and hockey coverage in general.
The Nation Network have asked me to be the messenger regarding the growth in NHL coverage you’ll find both on The Leafs Nation, and other network sites, but most specifically
The Nation Network will be scouring Canada looking for talented journalists they can add to to build out the site’s coverage of the league. Writers will be covering each NHL market, and for those of us seeking more Leafs coverage, this likely means you can count on Daily Face Off as well as The Leafs Nation to give you even more Leafs than you’ve already been getting from us. The site will feature some of the best writing, podcasts, and hockey video content you will find on the internet.
Many of you are already using which is the best resource for current line combinations, starting goaltenders, injury updates, and anything you could require as far as fantasy hockey goes, but over the next few months we’ll see the site completely take off from where it is today, to not only be a …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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