Analyzing Leafs Lines: 3 Charts

This is the first in a perpetual series that will use visual representations and charts in hopes of teaching us something new about the Leafs. There are always difficult choices that are made when visually representing data, and so feedback and discussion on the graphics and their implications are encouraged. For now, I plan on keeping the insights from the charts short and in bullet format, so that the reader can enjoy the visual and create their own findings.
The topic for today’s post looks at the Leafs forward lines, specifically leveraging Expected Goals data from Expected Goals are a way of quantifying both shot quantity and quality – if a player or line is controlling quality chances on the ice it should manifest in these numbers. Expected Goals are by no means a perfect metric, but is a quick and easy snapshot of on-ice results. This post relies on acronyms for player names to save space in the graphics – luckily all Leafs acronyms are unique and should be self explanatory – but feel free to comment with any questions.
Leafs Centers
Chart Details: This chart displays 5v5 Expected Goals Percentage in 2019-20 by the …

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Author: mackinawstats / The Leafs Nation

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