Analyzing the State of NHL Contracts in 2021

At this point the words ‘last season’, ‘this season’, and ‘next season’ have become so conflated that it’s hard to say what season is being talked about. Conveniently, the entirety of ‘next season’ may take place in the 2021 calendar year. I hope we can just say “the 2021 season” rather than the “Twenty-Twenty, Twenty-Twenty-One Season”.
Any way you say it, the 2021 season is going to be different. We already know that the NHL is committed to playing 82 games even if the season starts in January. This compressed schedule may eliminate the bye-week or even the All-Star game, and force the NHL to allow expanded rosters due to injury concerns.
This is a collection of my thoughts about what the NHL might look like when ‘next season’ starts.
Expanded Rosters
There have been rumours that the NHL will allow teams to carry extra players in 2021, in order to reduce the amount of injuries caused by a compressed schedule.
As Phase 2 of the NHL’s return to play plan begins to unfold, we’re catching a glimpse of how expanded rosters could work. Teams will …

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Author: Earl Schwartz / The Leafs Nation

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