Andersen seems to be fixed, so now we can worry about everyone else

It was a kiss of death the second any of us pointed out that the California road trip would be the means for the Leafs to stake claim to their playoff spot. We’ve been down this road too many times before and know that jinxes and Toronto sports go together like Gin and Tonic.
So here we are two games down, and only one point to show for it.
That’s not to say that last night was a total loss. Freddie Andersen picked up his second shutout in six outings. In those six outings he also only has one game where he gave up more than one goal. Saying Andersen is fixed is an absolute stretch, but the Leafs not giving up goals with their goaltending and defensive shortcomings has helped keep me off the ledge about last night’s loss.
Of course this is also the second game in a row where offense didn’t show up against a team with shaky goaltending, and the Leafs are failing to utilize their biggest strength. That’s one hell of a problem.
Though the difference again last night that should help us feel better …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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