Apparently the Montreal group led by Stephen Bronfman are set to become minority owners of the Tampa Bay Rays

The return of Major League Baseball to Montreal seems to be getting closer. And no, I don’t mean the Blue Jays’ annual limp-dick exhibition game at Olympic Stadium. I mean the Tampa-Montreal Expo Rays.

According to a post in the Journal De Montreal, the group led by Stephen Bronfman, the guy behind the whole “bring the Expos back to life” movement, are set to become minority owners of the Tampa Bay Rays.
“In a few months, probably three or four, our group from Montreal will become co-owner of the Tampa team with Stuart Sternberg, the current owner of the Rays. The negotiations are very advanced. We are going to become minority shareholders, but that doesn’t bother us at all. Stuart Sternberg is a straight man who is nothing like Jeffrey Loria [former owner of the Expos],” says Bronfman.
We’re going to need to wait for a report out of Tampa Bay that comes in English because the translation of this post provides a lot of confusing details. But, it seems, the Rays are weirdly serious about allowing the Bronfman group to be a part of …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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