Around the NHL: Random questions with the Hockey Hall of Fame inductees

This past weekend, fellow writer Nick Barden and myself had the opportunity to cover the Hockey Hall of Fame induction weekend, which included a media Q&A, the Legends game, and the actual induction ceremony.
Of course, this being my first time covering an event of this caliber, I had no idea how the Q&A process would be, figuring it would be more that all the writers stayed in their seats and asked questions, not so much an actual media scrum.
So, my prep for this event was thinking of questions that wouldn’t be asked by other writers, and less story focused, so I don’t exactly have enough content for a specific story (I know, I’m great at this whole journalism thing). But, I did have some interesting questions to ask some of the inductees, and I was genuinely surprised how many of them gave honest answers, as opposed to the usual hockey answers that beat around the bush to not offend anyone.
I couldn’t let those answers go unheard, so here is just the conversations all thrown together.
Marian Hossa
So initially I actually wanted to talk to Hossa about the Kyle …

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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation

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