Assessing Kasperi Kapanen’s Value

Kasperi Kapanen can be a difficult player to evaluate – he will dazzle then frustrate, surprise then disappoint, sometimes in the course of a single shift. He’s had strings of games where he looks to be a first line winger, like at the start of the 2018-19 season where he stepped into that role for William Nylander while he negotiated his contract extension. Other times he struggles to showcase the hockey sense and awareness of a true top 6 winger, or disappears from games entirely.
These ups and downs can make it difficult to assess his value to the Leafs, and potentially as a trade piece to free up cap space and fix the hole of the right side of the defense. His name was floating around before the trade deadline (however, the Leafs were not fielding offers per Chris Johnston), and given the Leafs are so tight against the cap, they will likely need to move salary if they play to resign Mikheyev and Dermott. This post will look to summarize Kapanen’s body of work thus far, in effort to illustrate his value to the Leafs roster, or as an outgoing asset.
Is Kapanen at top 6 …

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Author: mackinawstats / The Leafs Nation

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