Assessing the bullpen, realistic June trade targets, and some names still around in free agency

Yes, Vladdy is apparently the best hitter in baseball right now, and yes George Springer seems on the cusp of finally coming back from injury, but all that Jays fandom can really talk about right now boils down to “The Bullpen – WTF?!”

Opinions run the gamut from “This happens in baseball, calm down” to “these guys suck” to “What was Charlie thinking?” to “Ross DO SOMETHING!!” To be frank, there’s some truth in all of those, some less so than others. I could spend the next 500 words just linking you to the various published opinions (there are MANY, not least on this very site) but I trust that if you’re reading this you’ve seen or passed on all of that. In order to bring something different to this discussion, it’s my intention to first get a relatively objective take on the extent of the problem before discussing what that implies for solutions. Of necessity (given the subject matter and my tendency towards verbosity) this will be fairly long.
The hinge point is coincidentally 30 days ago. On the morning of May 19, the Blue Jays had played basically a quarter of their season and were 23-17, on pace …

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Author: Tammy Rainey / Blue Jays Nation

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