At least in theory the next contracts for Sandin and Liljegren will be decent

It doesn’t seem like we are that far removed from Travis Dermott’s post entry level contract and his somewhat inflated 2-year, $1.5M AAV contract. That was a pretty solid bridge deal and one that certainly worked for the Leafs as Dermott failed to take that next step and left them with a moveable dollar amount and a figure that wasn’t hurting the team when he was there. The Dermott deal is just one of the many comparisons that should have us pumping our brakes on anything being out of hand for Rasmus Sandin and Timothy Liljegren now that they are up for renewal, but nothing is ever easy with the Leafs, and there is still plenty to consider here.
While we’re being generally positive about these contracts, let’s look at Evolving Hockey’s projected contracts for Sandin and Liljegren:
Sandin projects as receiving a 2-year deal at $1.6M AAV and Liljegren would receive 2 years at $1.25M AAV. Both are a lot better than I’d expect to see and remarkably team friendly. Now that’s just the start of it, and it’s probably worth exploring the entire range of their contracts here.
Sandin’s range goes from $1.016M (on a 1yr deal) to $3.69M (on an 8yr deal) with an average contract of 2.9 years and AAV of $2.025M. That certainly reflects the dramatic shift between going long-term with an RFA vs. a bridge deal.
Liljegren very much mirrors Sandin’s range, but on a micro-level. His range is $1.094 (1-year deal) to $3.142 (8 years) with an average of $1.847M AAV and 2.8 years. The average AAVs for both Liljegren and Sandin seem to be much more likely than the mode selections.
The thing with the Evolving Hockey …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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