Behind the Net Podcast Episode 36: The Leafs, Raptors, and Jays are Back!

In this week’s episode, Matthew Rodrigopulle and I are joined by Ian Hunter, the lead baseball writer for Daily Hive Toronto, where we discuss the Blue Jays season so far and if the 2020 campaign will be completed. We are later joined by Nick DeSouza, a fellow writer at The Leafs Nation, to analyze the Leafs play so far, Robertson’s impact, and what are the keys to a Leafs-Blue Jackets series.
Time Stamps:
1:55: Blue Jays talk, Miami Marlins testing positive
9:41: Ian Hunter

12:20: Blue Jays early impressions, standout players, pitching staff analysis
25:00: Season predictions for the Jays
30:43: Thoughts on the MLB’s return to play plan and the Miami Marlins outbreak
39:20: World Series predictions
42:15: Favourite ballpark snacks

45:15: Basketball discussion, Tom Thibodeau hired by the Knicks
48:14: Raptors scrimmage impressions
52:25: Leafs exhibition game impressions, Nick Robertson discussion
55:27: Nick DeSouza

56:00: How he got into writing
59: 13: Leafs impressions, standout players, analysis
1:03:43: Thoughts on the NHL bubble
1:05:34: Nick Robertson analysis
1:11:55: Leafs-Blue Jackets series preview, keys to success, analysis
1:15:50: What should the Leafs do in the offseason?
1:18:39: Leafs playoff predictions

1:23:49: 2011 NBA Redraft
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Author: Michael Mazzei / The Leafs Nation

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