Blue Jays Nation’s 2023 Preseason Top 50: #7 Tucker Toman

Despite being selected after the second round, most publications considered Tucker Toman to be a top 50 draft prospect.

So it may have been a shock when the Jays selected him and went over-slot on his signing bonus. At the end of the day, it was a great pick.
Before we jump into that, let’s look at the criteria first.
Brennan’s criteria:
Instead of writing this out every time I did for the mid-season Top 60, I’ll copy and paste my criteria for how I rank and scout these players.
There are many factors that determine a top prospect. The eye test is the biggest driver in determining a top prospect, but proximity to the majors, ceiling, and floor is also important. Moreover, statistics are another key ingredient, as everything works together to give you numbers.
As for the grades, it’s important to remember that they are relative to the league in which they play. A kid from Dunedin is not going to have a 50-grade hit tool if he were placed in the big leagues. But relative to the league in which he plays, a .300 hitter is eligible to have that grade.
For these prospects, I’ll be reviewing their background, numbers in the minors, pitch mix (if they’re a pitcher), and giving a scouting report (if feasible, rookie league guys are difficult).
Let’s jump in!
Tucker Toman‘s career so far:
The 19-year-old switch-hitting third baseman/shortstop was drafted 77th overall by the …

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Author: Brennan Delaney / Blue Jays Nation

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