Bluelines: The last non-elimination game of the series

The Leafs are back home, and thankfully the final minutes of Game Four provided a lot of hope for their return. They aren’t the team that was getting shelled 5-0. They are now the team that rallied to 5-2 and picked up another in between a pair of empty net goals. It’s progress, but another reminder that Tampa is not a team that will let up.
The return home means the Leafs are the favourite again
The Leafs Moneyline tonight is -131, with the Lightning at +110. Still putting both teams fairly close, as they should be. The Leafs going back to having the last line change should hopefully maximize what the Leafs can get out of the Kampf line, and have Brodie and Muzzin on the ice at the right times.
Believing in John Tavares
There’s something to be said for home ice, and ideally, the Leafs take advantage of it by having the Lightning match to the Matthews line, the Kampf line matching to the Stamkos line, and freeing up John Tavares to play against some bottom-six competition with a pair of hot hands in Mikheyev and Kerfoot. The challenge might be establishing a cycle without William Nylander, but if this group can set up, Tavares has a good chance for a down low reward. A goal from J …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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