Brad Marchand got really mad online

The first rule of Twitter is the most important one of all — never tweet. Seldom does anything good come from wading into the internet’s garbage bin and engaging with its inhabitants.

If you must break that rule, you really ought to follow the second most important rule of Twitter, which is don’t get mad online. You might be mad, but, since you’re hiding behind a screen, nobody has to know that you’re mad. As soon as you get mad online, you’ve lost. There’s no coming back from that.
Brad Marchand broke both of these rules on Tuesday night. It wasn’t pretty.
If you haven’t been paying attention the past few days, Marchand handed the Philadelphia Flyers a win in front of their notoriously aggressive fans by just skating over the puck in the shootout. Here it is if you missed it. Enjoy watching it, like, one hundred times.

Marchand became the pit of everyone’s joke the next day, with GIFs and screenshots of his gaffe showing up everywhere. In an attempt to show just how unphased …

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Author: h0ckeyfan / The Leafs Nation

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