Breaking down the Trevor Moore Blockbuster

Today we say goodbye to a Leafs legend. A guy that hasn’t scored a goal since game six of the season. A guy who hasn’t picked up a point since game eight. A guy who is recovering from an injury, and has numbers befitting a bubble fourth line/13F player. This is really all we should have to say about Trevor Moore, who was well liked because of a comical comment about his ass, but really was a throw-in so the Leafs could remain under 50 contracts and the Kings can trot out a California boy for a few games this year.
On to the what the Leafs addressed in this deal.
Need for a backup goaltender that you aren’t terrified by
Team toughness in the form of someone who can play hockey
Jack Campbell
After Elliotte Friedman connected the dots between the Leafs and Campbell earlier today, I put together some thoughts on Campbell that still hold pretty true now…
There are obvious benefits from bringing in a goaltender that your coach is familiar with, and the GM knows what to expect from them. There’s the fact that Campbell’s …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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