Bringing back Mikheyev and Engvall vs. finding the next Mikheyev and Engvall

Ilya Mikheyev and Pierre Engvall are two Leafs of many that enjoyed career years (pessimistic voice: “a lot of good it did them) and to their good fortune, they now find themselves negotiating new contracts on the strength of those years. Both players are now regarded as not only premier penalty killers but viable threats to score when shorthanded, as Mikheyev had four shorthanded goals and Engvall had three shorthanded goals and one assist. Mikheyev’s 21 goals with time spent split between the second and third lines, and Engvall’s 15 goals produced bouncing between the third and fourth lines mean that they are potentially on the verge of going from strong depth to expensive depth, and with that comes the question of whether or not the Leafs see the value in these particular players or whether they see the value in wing depth that outperforms their contracts.
A big part of determining whether or not Mikheyev and Engvall will be reasonable options comes down to what their next contract could look like, so I figured it would be worthwhile to start looking at some comparable players. Here are the current NHL players aged 25-28 that produced between 15-25 goals, and 30-40 points. Obvious …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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