Burning Question: How many goals will Auston Matthews score this season?

It’s a question that all Toronto Maple Leafs fans want to be answered.
Auston Matthews has been a generational goal-scorer ever since he stepped into the NHL. He can beat goaltenders from any area in the offensive zone. And just when you think you’ve seen everything from the 24-year-old, he surprises you.
Every year, Matthews brings something new to the table. Last season, it was the fact that he had an injured wrist, but was still able to score 41 goals in 52 games. The ability Matthews has to transform his game and put himself in different positions to score was phenomenal.
The 24-year-old knew that if it hurt to shoot the puck, he could instead tip it in.

ONE AWAY FROM 40! pic.twitter.com/NVM8N5HsBA
— Omar (@TicTacTOmar) May 4, 2021

Matthews, though, is most effective when healthy and can shoot the puck.
I wanted to ask the question: ‘How many goals will Auston Matthews score this season?’ because it’s intriguing. He’ll return to the NHL with a wrist that’s healthy this time around. And if he’s scoring goals at an alarming rate with an injury, I’m curious to see how much he …

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Author: Nick Barden / The Leafs Nation

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