Calling the rulebook will result in a hellish short term spike in powerplays, but it will be worth it in the long run

One of the weirdest arguments I’ve ever seen against calling the rulebook is that it will result in more powerplays, as if it’s a bad thing that teams will be on the man advantage more. Sure, nothing beats high octane, back and forth chances at even strength, but it’s not like watching one team’s five best players go up against another team’s four best defensive players is a terrible situation. If the team has a good powerplay unit that can create a ton of scoring chances, it’s another incredibly entertaining form of hockey.
There’s been talk for many years about NHL referees calling the rulebook, a conversation that reached it’s peak last season when now “retired” referee Tim Peel had a hot mic when he said that he intentionally called a weak penalty on the Nashville Predators to even up the penalties with the Detroit Red Wings, and it’s started to spike up again with Connor McDavid recently talking about how he should be drawing more penalties.
That said, unless there is a drastic overhaul in the league, from the refs to the league head offices, it’s really hard to …

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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation

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