Clark, Kaberle, and Lindros talk about the Leafs and playing in front of Toronto at the HHOF legends game

As former Leafs, Wendel Clark, Tomas Kaberle, and Eric Lindros all know a thing or two about playing in front of the Toronto crowd at Scotiabank Arena.
Well, it wasn’t Scotiabank Arena when they played there, but you know what I mean.
While the Hockey Hall of Fame Legends game is far from the competitiveness of an NHL playoff game, all the NHL alumni knew that it was about celebrating this year’s Hockey Hall of Fame class, and putting on a show for the fans, something the former Leafs in particular embraced.
“When you think of the hotbeds of hockey, Toronto’s at the top of the list,” said Lindros, whose time as a Leaf was limited to just one season and 33 games, but still very familiar with the experience growing up as a Leafs fan., “the city rolls when the team does well and gets one winnings streaks, and everyone gets a little bit of a lift.”
“Toronto became my second home a long time ago,” said Kaberle, who could be seen launching practice pucks into the crowd in the pre-game warmup. “Watching the NHL the last couple years and the empty stadiums, today was nice.”
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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation

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