Cody Ceci is bad

Maybe it doesn’t need to be said that Cody Ceci is bad or maybe it needs to be said less frequently. It seems like not only has the horse been beaten at this point, but it is now a powder so fine that half of the NHL is trying to stick it up their noses.

Legends Row:
Jake Gardiner’s -5 in Game 7
Brett Lebda’s -3 (in a 9-3 win)
Cody Ceci controlling 1% of the expected goals
— Ian Tulloch (@IanGraph) December 4, 2019
Of course, it kinda does need to be said, because Cody Ceci is still playing north of 20 minutes every single night. Well, that’s a small exaggeration, he did have a game with 19:48 and another with 19:50 of ice time, but that exaggeration is offset by the six times he’s somehow been given over 24 minutes of ice time. And a not so fun fact is that the results are often ugly.
There’s also this from Dubas

Kyle Dubas, in full, on why he believes Cody Ceci has performed “above expectations” for the #leafs and turned the analytics war upside down:
— Chris Johnston (@reporterchris) November 14, 2019
Since that quote from Dubas, Cody …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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