Daily Duce: Here’s some more Austin Martin content for you

Thanks to the Baltimore Orioles going completely off the board with the second-overall pick, the Blue Jays were gifted Austin Martin, who some view as the best overall player in the draft. Let’s get the hype train rolling.

Over at Sportsnet, Shi Davidi spoke with Shane Farrell, who’s at the helm of his first-ever draft as the Blue Jays’ scouting director. Farrell said the Jays were “surprised” and “ecstatic” to end up with Martin with the fifth pick…
“We were a little surprised,” that Martin was available, Farrell admitted on a conference call. “Obviously we’re keeping an eye on the mock drafts as they come out throughout the week and are aware of industry consensus, but it really started to shake up at picks two and three and we were surprised a bit but certainly prepared to make that selection.
“We were ecstatic to have the chance to pick Austin.”
Bleacher Report has given the Blue Jays an A+ on their first day at the draft…
Grade: A+
The Blue Jays can worry about how Martin fits defensively once the time …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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