Daily Duce: Minor league baseball’s mass exodus

The big news around baseball over the past week has been the exodus of minor league baseball players as hundreds of players around the league have been released.

According to Jeff Passan, most of the teams are releasing between 30 and 50 players. Ben Nicholson-Smith reported at Sportsnet that the Blue Jays will be cutting 29 players, but we don’t know who they are yet.
It’s standard practice for organizations to release some players from their systems ahead of the annual MLB draft in order to make room for the new players they’ll be adding. For example, organizational depth types like Brandon Grudzielanek and Gunnar Heidt got released last May as part of the sweep to make room for more players.
But, as Passan noted in a follow-up Tweet, it isn’t standard to see so many minor leaguers get released en masse like this. The reality this time is that there will surely be no minor league season this year so teams are chopping even more names than usual because there isn’t a need for organizational depth when there aren’t Triple-A and Double-A rosters to fill up.
Ultimately, this is a …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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