Daily Duce: Ross Atkins speaks at the General Managers Meetings, updates on Shoemaker, Smoak, and Giles, and more!

Major League Baseball’s annual General Managers Meetings in Arizona kicked off this week, so we’re starting to get an idea as to how things are going to play out this off-season. Ross Atkins had quite a bit to say about what the Jays might be up to, so let’s get into all of it.

According to Shi Davidi over at Sportsnet, Atkins and Co. have already been aggressive in their pursuit of starting pitching. Last year, this wasn’t the case, as the Jays took a wait and see approach, letting the market settle before they made their play at under-the-radar players.
“We have tons of flexibility with an incredibly exciting young position player core and a lot of depth on our 40-man (roster) and a lot of depth in our system, much of which is in the form of pitching, which we feel bodes really well for our future,” Atkins said to Davidi at Sportsnet. “As important as the talent on the field that showed very well in the second half, certainly in the last couple of months of the season, is the environment that we have, what we feel is a special one. We’re …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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