Daily Duce: Thoughts on MLB’s newest proposal, painting the players as the bad guys, the five-round draft, and more!

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Major League Baseball’s return is still at the mercy of the COVID-19 pandemic, but, now, there’s another obstacle in the way — a game of chicken between the billionaires and the millionaires.
Earlier this week, the 30 MLB owners agreed upon a plan that would see the season begin sometime in July, with an 82-game season, teams playing exclusively geographical rivals, a universal designated hitter, an expanded post-season, and no fans in the stadium. Also, and most importantly, they proposed a revenue-sharing strategy to navigate around the fact nobody will be at games.
Unsurprisingly, the players weren’t thrilled about that. Back in March, the owners and the players agreed upon a labour deal that would see players paid pro-rated salaries in the event of a shortened season. Now, the owners are looking to balk on that deal, and instead give the players a certain percentage of the amount of cash the league generates from its season.
This is how the system works in the NHL, a much, much more owner-friendly operation than Major League Baseball. Players and owners have agreed to a 50/50 split in hockey-related revenue, so the players pay into an …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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