Daily Duce: Travis Shaw apologizes for quarantine comments, Blue Jays consider Buffalo for home games, and more!


The first rule of Twitter: Never tweet. Travis Shaw learned that the hard way last week.
For those who haven’t been paying attention, Shaw responded to a piece of information put out by TSN’s Scott Mitchell that stated the massive repercussions that Blue Jays players could be facing if they break quarantine this summer.
In his response, Shaw stated that he and his teammates had no idea that they were going to be locked down in the hotel for the entirety of the season beyond the two-week Summer Camp. He followed that up by saying “All summer isn’t gonna happen. Not an option.”
This, of course, rubbed fans the wrong way and ultimately led to skepticism that Toronto would be a suitable option to host the Blue Jays this season.
Shaw cleared the air on Sunday, apologizing for coming across tone-deaf in his frustration over the situation. He went on to add that the organization has educated him more in the past few days about the process and how it’s necessary for the Blue Jays to have strict quarantine measures in place in order to be granted permission to …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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