Dermott wants to be stronger ally, Mrazek to travel with Leafs, and other happens in Leafland

The Leafs are a cool hockey team. They do fun stuff and are sometimes the first NHL team trying to help change the game of hockey.
Usually, this is Mer’s area of expertise with Page 6ix. But with her so busy with work, I thought I’d help bring back some of the fun Leafs news throughout the last week.
Starting with Travis Dermott’s tape job.

Travis Dermott has been using Pride Tape on his sticks more often this season, said it’s because “I have some family that is involved in the LGBTQ community. So I’d like to step forward and in the future take part in supporting them more vigorously.”
— Kristen Shilton (@kristen_shilton) October 22, 2021

Dermott is an amazing person. You don’t see many players within the NHL who rock the Pride Tape throughout the season. One of the players that first comes to my mind for myself is Kurtis Gabriel, who’s currently with the Marlies.
And I’ll say that we need to see more of this support.
Sure, there’s Pride night, but seeing more players doing this on a regular basis would be nice. The fact that Dermott said he’d “like …

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Author: Nick Barden / The Leafs Nation

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