Doerrie: Ben Harpur and Jason Spezza Show Mike Babcock Still Hasn’t Changed

It’s become a one-liner; “Mike Babcock needs his toys taken away.”
This summer, most of Leafs Nation began to think that, with Nikita Zaitsev and Ron Hainsey gone, there would be no more “toys” left for Babcock to play with. “Toy”, in this case, is used to describe a certain player who either: a) shouldn’t be playing at all based on available talent or, b) playing someone way too high in the lineup.
Hainsey and Zaitsev fell into Category B, while Ben Harpur is very much in Category A. Hyman is another “Babcock toy” who many would argue fits into Category B, but at least he contributes effectively to one of the NHL’s most potent lines. Harpur, other than being 6’7, doesn’t contribute to the outcome of the game in any tangible way in my eyes, at least in a positive sene. But do not be even remotely surprised if Babcock plays him over Marincin, or even Sandin.
A very large portion of the fanbase — and likely the front office, mind you — believes Babcock needs to change his line of thinking for the Leafs to be successful. I’m here to tell you that, unfortunately, he probably …

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Author: Rachel Doerrie / The Leafs Nation

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