Doug Ford on 2020 NHL Playoffs in Toronto: “The conversations have started”

In his public address today, Doug Ford talked over some NHL-related items as brought up by Rick Westhead of Toronto’s The Sports Network (TSN).

Here is the interview as I transcribed it.
Rick Westhead of TSN: The NHL has talked about its candidate cities to be a hub city, and Toronto is one of them, although it wants an exemption to the 14-day quarantine period that all arriving travelers face in coming back to Canada. Do you support giving the NHL an exemption to that 14-day quarantine, and how concerned would you be about the optics of doing that?
Premier Doug Ford: Well I’ve talked to the NHL, like the other Premiers have, and the Federal government, they are currently working with the Federal government, that would fall under their jurisdiction, I’ve talked to the Deputy Prime Minister about that as well, and they’re trying to sort things out. But we have to get the right definition, to the best of all of our abilities, to sit down with them, and would they consider self-isolation, staying in the hotel room, all hopping on the bus, going straight to the game, and …

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Author: Ryan Hobart / The Leafs Nation

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