Draft Flashbacks – Re-evaluating the Leafs 2014 draft

With the potential that the 2020 NHL Draft may be coming sooner rather than later, it’s time to get fully on board with the draft hype, as we may finally have some kind of hockey content that doesn’t involve re-watching old hockey games.
One of my favourite parts about drafts is looking back on them several years later, and seeing how good or bad some teams did every year, as well as some of the busts in the early rounds and hidden gems found in later rounds.
So, I’m going to do just that with Draft Flashbacks. This series will take a look at each individual draft and re-examine every pick the Leafs made, and see who was the best pick available with the hindsight of seeing what kind of player they’ve turned into. And to finish it off, I’ll do a what if scenario based on the best possible drafts the Leafs could’ve had.
Today, it’s the 2014 draft, which the Leafs did surprisingly well in considering that this was still in the Dave Nonis era (only Shanahan was in the organization at this point) and the …

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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation

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