Dreger speculates on Kerfoot being an option for the Oilers

Darren Dreger joined TSN Edmonton’s Dustin Nielson for his morning insider report, and spent some time speculating on whether Alexander Kerfoot could be a possible fit for the Oilers. The basis for this discussion is that the price seems to be going through the roof on J.G. Pageau, and teams looking for a top six forward or third line center might need to look at other options. That led to into the Kerfoot talk: (you can find the entire radio hit here.)
“There has been a lot of speculation around the Toronto Maple Leafs, about how are they going to acquire a defenseman. And I don’t know that the Edmonton Oilers are the right fit for Toronto in that regard, but I know that the Oilers are among the teams that are watching the Toronto Maple Leafs very closely. And for the Maple Leafs to get that piece, whatever that piece might be, maybe it’s a third pairing guy that Toronto thinks with more opportunity can bump into the top four on the blue line. They would prefer a right side d-man that they can work with longer term. So then you …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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